Cardiovascular Training

Perfectly Fit cardiovascular fitness training consists of sustained exercise involving the large muscle groups - legs, glutes, back, and chest - at a strenuous enough level for a long enough period of time to challenge your heart and lungs.

Also known as aerobic exercise or simply cardio, cardiovascular training takes place when your heart rate is elevated to 65-85% of the maximum and maintained at that level for at least twenty minutes. This way, the heart muscle is strengthened, the ability of the lungs to more efficiently re-oxygenate the blood is increased, and fat-burning enzymes are produced. We will scientifically formulate a target heart rate for you that will allow you to achieve a stronger and more efficient cardio respiratory system.

Cardiovascular training is not only important, but essential for maintaining fitness, and must be included in your exercise program. Come in and let us show you how Perfectly Fit cardio training can help you shape up.


  • Improved endurance
  • Lower resting heart rate
  • Improved efficiency of the cardiovascular system
  • Lower body fat
  • Stronger and healthier body

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