Marissa Tafuri

Marissa is an AFFA Certified trainer with a degree in Communications from the University of Rhode Island. She is also a licensed Realtor®. Active in high school and college sports, she found herself in a rut and feeling complacent after completing her degree. But six years ago she resumed her work outs and training, and was once again hooked. She was determined to succeed, and soon lost the extra weight, adding better nutrition to the process. Now she's kept the weight off, and added cross training, biking, kettle bell, jump rope classes and running to her lifestyle. Good health and fitness are a priority for Marissa, and she's dedicated to sharing that passion with others

"Fitness is a long-term goal for building and maintaining endurance, strength and agility. It’s a continuous cycle of training and recovery. In order to meet your goals you need to be determined and motivated."