Training Programs

We utilize a variety of techniques to provide significant functional benefits and improvements in your overall health including increased muscle, tendon and ligament strength and toughness, increased bone mineral density, improved joint function, reduced potential for injury, improved cardiac function and elevated good cholesterol.

Perfectly Fit knows that the ideal program is one that is customized to fit into your lifestyle and works well with your personality. So rather than fad diets or trying to knock out 10 or more “ab-killers” once or twice at home in hopes of getting a strong core, try working with a Perfectly Fit trainer to create a program you can and will do regularly.

Personal Training Packages

Personal training packages are normally purchased by individuals looking to make a commitment to one-on-one training for an extended time period. Packages are structured to provide a lower cost per session* when more sessions are purchased.

The key to this type of training is the client–trainer relationship where individuals are matched with a particular trainer who will oversee exercise appointments within a coaching-style atmosphere. Highly-personalized workouts are constantly refined and restructured to accommodate the responses of different body types. Form, technique and intensity of workout are closely monitored to ensure optimal training benefit as well as safety. Our trainers apply just the right motivation as well so clients get the most from each workout, as well as maintain the appropriate level of commitment to accomplish stated goals.

Small Group Training

Small group training is another popular option for friends, teammates, co-workers or families who want to gain the benefit of exercise instruction and trainer motivation but at a more affordable price. Group sizes typically vary from two to four clients.

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